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Now Offering Hydralada Elevated Work Platforms

Chamberlin Agriculture is please to bring Hydralada machines to its growers--mobile elevated orchard work platforms that allow more efficient (and safer) harvesting, pruning and elevated construction work including overhead protective netting and artificial shelters. Self-propelled by foot controls, the compact platforms leave operators hands-free to pick fruit and are maneuverable in tight rows and spaces.

Independent studies have confirmed that Hydralada orchard platforms can significantly increase worker output year round, from pruning trees in the winter through to harvest. In fact, one person working from a Hydralada machine in 15-foot apple trees can carry out the equivalent work of three to four people on conventional step ladders.

With labor shortage and worker safety being two very important considerations in today's modern orchards, Hydralada platforms are valuable tools for growers. Contact Jake Carson for additional inform

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