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Frost Protection and Evaporative Cooling

Innovative design and smart engineering bring frost and heat protection into a new realm of flexability, sustainability and affordability.

Tow and Blow portable wind machines provide effective frost and heat protection to all forms of horticulture—from tree fruits, berries and wine grapes to nuts, vegetables and flowers.


Unique design and smart engineering enable the machines to achieve the same area of protection as traditional wind machines (10 acres or more) using only 1.5 gallons of fuel an hour. This high-performance is achieved through features including a shrouded impeller that prevents energy from being lost off the tips of the blades, straightening veins that take swirl out of the air so it travels farther, and engine placement on top of the boom that delivers energy directly to the impeller. 


Unlike any other wind machine, the Tow and Blow units can be set to oscillate at any degree or angle to provide protection for a wide range of conditions, topographies and property shapes. This also allows the machines to be set and positioned to work with the natural air drift, further increasing efficiency and coverage ability.


Because the machines are portable, they can be moved and used to protect differrent crops or blocks with staggered bloom times, significantly increasing growers' return on investment. A misting feature for evaporative cooling can also be used to cool plants and reduce heat stress, sunburn or splitting.


The Tow and Blow portable wind machines provide reliable and versitile protection for frost prone plants. No other wind machine can protect crops growing in valleys or on hills. This is made possible by an impeller that can oscillate at any angle and degree for the most targeted and efficient protection. Machines can easily be moved and used on different fields or crops to minimize the total number of machines needed and maximize return on investment.

Machines can be used as a portable evaporative cooling system to cool plants, crops and livestock. Water emitted from fine nozzles in front of the fan is vaperized to produce a rapid drop in temperature. A garden hose is all that is needed using approximately 1/2 gallon of water per minute. This cooling method can help increase production by reducing heat stress and also prevent sunburn and splitting.


Innovative design results in the following efficiencies:

  • A shrouded impeller increases air volume by 95% over open fans.

  • Straightening vanes stop air from swirling and improve the velocity of airflow exiting the fan.

  • Machines can be set to oscillate with natural air drift instead of wasting energy blowing into the drift or against each other.

  • With the engine positioned on top of the machine, its power is delivered directly to the impeller. 

The portable machines can easily be hooked up behind a tractor or trailer and moved between properties and crops. The impellor and engine are positioned at the top of a hydraulic arm that is lowered when the machine is being moved, stored and serviced. Set up is equally convenient. Simply move and place the machine, put the feet down to secure a position level for operation, raise the hydraulic arm and use as needed.


A boom is lowered to the ground level for safe and easy service on the engine and impeller. An annual oil change and lube is all the service machines typcally need. A simple Honda engine runs the fan so there is no reliance on a manufacturer for specialty parts or service. Our regional dealers provide service support as needed.

Because of its efficient design, the Tow and Blow does not need a large engine like traditional wind machines, which makes it exceptionally quiet. It has been tested by acoustics experts at half the noise level of any other wind machine in the world (just 45-40 decibels at 300m). Plus, quiet wind machines make for happy neighbors.


The Tow and Blow is less than half the cost of a traditional wind machine when machine and operating costs are considered over a 10-year period (for frost protection only). Other uses the for the machine convert into additional monetary benefits. These include drying before harvest or pruning, mobility for staggered bud and harvest intervals, cooling in packhouses and livestock cooling and ventilation.


The newest Tow and blow models are galvanized for greater durability. All models now come with an auto start, choke and throttle and misting feature. Propane units are now available due to market demand.

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PATENT #601277
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