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In the field support from the most knowledgeable agronomists in the industry.

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Utilizing the latest industry and scientific research, Chamberlin advisers help growers formulate the most advanced and effective crop management solutions. Integrated plans address proactive management of the growth environment, natural prevention of pests

and disease and direct treatment strategies.


Crop Consulting Includes:

Local network of certified crop advisers

Integrated crop management planning 

Field scouting, testing and analysis

Seasonal product and application recommendations


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Our comprehensive record keeping program helps growers assure safe, quality and marketable fruit. Online and mobile apps provide instant access to the information and data growers need such as pest management plans, application recommendations and more complex rate, label and variable parameters.

Training and support are available to help customers utilize our 

secure and simple solutions.


We guarantee dependable on-site material delivery. Our friendly sales team and delivery fleets ensure that your orders are delivered accurately, safely and in a timely manner.

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