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New Uses for Portable Wind Machines

We continue to find new and beneficial uses for Tow and Blow portable wind machines--including cooling at outdoor events. Here are some photos of the Tow and Blow cooling at a wedding in Eastern Washington this summer. Congratulations to Boone and Amanda, and thanks to Memory Montage Photography for the beautiful pictures!

Tow and Blow machines will also be cooling concertgoers at the Gorge Amphitheatre in WA this weekend (it's going to be hot)!

The machines were also used to mist bird repellent on cherries for the first time this season. This effectively kept the birds away and was an efficient way to apply product and minimize man-power and fuel.

Developed for horticultural frost protection, the Tow and Blow machines are also now used to cool fruit to prevent sunburn and splitting, dry fruit before harvest, cool livestock, ventilate barns and more. Contact us today for more information about this versatile machine.

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