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Spray drift is one of the most important issues facing pesticide applicators. Movement to off-site locations can be caused by wind, poor calibration/adjustment, and operator error.

1) Select a nozzle that produces coarser droplets
Use droplets that are as coarse as practical to provide necessary coverage.

2) Use the lower end of the pressure range
Higher pressures generate many more small droplets (less than 100 microns). Under most conditions, do not exceed 40 to 45 psi.

3) Maintain a constant travel speed and pressure during spraying
If an automatic regulator is fitted, remember, small increases in speed result in large increases in pressure. The delivered air and spray must be given time to penetrate the canopy.

4) Lower boom height
Wind speed increases with height. If boom height is a few inches lower, off-target drift is reduced.

5) Increase nozzle size
Larger capacity nozzles reduce drift. If you use nozzles that put out 10 to 15 gallons per acre (GPA), increase to nozzles that put ou...

May 17, 2019

Congratulations to this year’s scholarship recipients: Delaney Strutzel, Rhiannon Strutzel, Hannah McNerney and Maggie Ishizaka!

This annual scholarship is available to all qualified children of Chamberlin employees to support their higher education pursuits. 

Wishing these students the best of luck this upcoming school year.

May 2, 2019

Now that spring has sprung, that means the orchards across the Northwest as buzzing with activity, and we’re not just talking about the bees.  The Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission says now is a key time of the year for growers to maximize their production.

“The most important thing that they can do, to directly affect those parameters, are related to crop load management,” said WTFRC project manager, Tory Schmidt.  “And at this time of year, when we’re talking about crop load management, we’re really talking about thinning.” Read full article HERE.

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